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Dubbed our 'Honey-Do' list, includes all the items in our Pre-Purchase Home Inspections plus a concentration on any concerns that a potential buyer might have. This allows the seller to address any problems or deficiencies in the home before going to market. Completing a Pre-Listing Home Inspection can significantly increase the value of your home, reduce the time on the market, and help identify any major problems that could potentially derail the sale at the closing table.

II. pre-listing home inspections

IV. wood destroying ORGANISM inspections

A comprehensive visual examination of the systems and components within the home. In addition, a detailed report will be provided for your review. The major systems and components to be inspected include:


- Walls

- Doors

- Floors

- Ceilings

- Safety Hazards

- Environmental Health Hazards


- Roofing

- Siding

- Gutters & Downspouts

- Windows

- Doors

- Decks/Patios

- Grading & Grounds

This inspection will evaluate the home's interior and exterior to identify any signs of Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) activity, as well as conditions conducive to WDO or other infestations. The assessment includes physical and visual inspection of susceptible wood and other building materials.

III. condo | townhouse | co-op inspections

I. pre-purchase home inspections

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This inspection will cover everything from the 'sheetrock' in. It covers everything that the owner will be responsible for. It focuses on health/safety, moisture intrusion, functional testing, and components that may have been improperly installed or nearing or exceeding their design life. In terms of the other external items (roof, attic, crawlspace, siding, etc.) these are usually covered by the dues paid into the Home Owners Association, but this may not always be the case. Consult your HOA guidelines. If the owner is responsible for these external items, the inspection will cover those items but will be limited to those components directly attached to the unit.


- Foundation & Foundation


- Framing Systems

- Basement/Crawl Spaces

- Attics

- Ventilation

- Insulation

- Water Penetration

- Chimney

- Garage


- Interior & Exterior Plumbing

    Systems & Fixtures

- Electrical Service Entrance

- Interior & Exterior Electrical

    Systems & Fixtures

- Heating & Cooling Systems